class pele.concurrent.ConnectServer(system, database, server_name=None, host=None, port=0)[source]

Server which receives requests from, and passes connect jobs to the workers

The server also receives minima and transition states from the workers and adds them to the database.

Parameters :

system : pele.system.BaseSystem

system class to process

database :

working database

server_name : string, optional

Unique name for clients to connect to this server on current host (objid for pyros). None for random

host : string, optional

host to setup server. default is localhost which does not allow connections from remote machines

port : integer, optional

port to listen for connections


add_minimum(E, coords) called by worker if a new minimum is found
add_ts(id1, id2, E, coords[, eigenval, eigenvec]) called by worker if a new transition state is found
get_connect_job([strategy]) get a new connect job
get_system() provide system class to worker
run() start the server and listen for incoming connections
set_connect_manager(connect_manager) add a custom connect manager

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